Quick Sort Algorithm

function pivot(arr, start = 0, end = arr.length - 1) {
const swap = (arr, idx1, idx2) => {
[arr[idx1], arr[idx2]] = [arr[idx2], arr[idx1]];

// We are assuming the pivot is always the first element
let pivot = arr[start];
let swapIdx = start;

for (let i = start + 1; i <= end; i++) {
if (pivot > arr[i]) {
swap(arr, swapIdx, i);

// Swap the pivot from the start the swapPoint
swap(arr, start, swapIdx);
return swapIdx;

function quickSort(arr, left = 0, right = arr.length -1){
if(left < right){
let pivotIndex = pivot(arr, left, right) //3
return arr;




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