The Set Object

var lengthOfLongestSubstring = function(s) {
const set = new Set();
//Create a set
let longest = 0;
let i = 0;
let j = 0;
// The goal is to use pointers i and j to find the longest range of [i, j]. When s[i, j] has a duplicate letter, we remove s[i] from the set and move i to the next position so we don't include s[prev i] in the next range calculation.

while (i < s.length && j < s.length) {
if (!set.has(s[j])) {
//if set does not include the value of s at index j
// add the value of s at index j to the set
longest = Math.max(longest, j - i + 1);
j += 1;
} else {
i += 1;
return longest;




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